Saturday, 17 August 2013

Arrivals in Singapore

I stood out like a Westernised sore thumb waiting in the Arrivals Hall at Singapore Airport.

Standing amongst the throng of people all staring towards the automatic doors, I took out my homemade sign and let it show itself off to everyone else holding their laminated versions.

It felt weird to be waiting on this side, as the 'Welcomer' to a country that I don't even reside in.

My brother, Tim was expecting our accommodation to meet him at the airport. The night before he spoke to my Mum, and mentioned why his sister that he hadn't seen in almost two years wasn't going to meet him at the airport. I think he only assumed that I had some 'urgent' shopping to do at one of the many malls in this city.

But no, there I was last week waiting next to 'Jan Lo Cheng' for Air Asia transfers' and the impatient, pacing driver holding up a piece of thick card with a name written in Mandarin. 

The shock on his face to see me was priceless. I love a good surprise. 

Toodle pip x

Lao Pa Sat Night Market Satay frying.

Just a casual cruise ship modeled on a few high rises. 

The concrete jungle of living.

Arab St.