Friday, 9 August 2013

Arugam Bay: End of Ramadan and sea time.

Today marks the end of Ramandan. This afternoon the festival begins.

Last night I noticed the start of the celebrations kicking in. Fireworks were let off down the main street of Arugam Bay. Walking along to the best local curry house, a woman in a sari approached me smiling her head off. I was able to make out through hand gestures and broken English that she wanted me to give her 'good greetings' for tomorrows celebrations.

It feels like everyone is off to a wedding today. All the men working at my accommodation have had their haircut, a wearing clean patta vetty, the shirt and long (sarong) like cloth they tie around their waist. 

Most people will be finishing work early this afternoon to spent the remainder of the day with extended families for feasting and rejoicing that they've made it through another Ramandan.

I can't imagine how bad the indigestion will be afterwards.

As I write this, Hassan, dressed in his crisp white shirt and hat, approached me to say that he is off for the day now. And if anyone comes to enquire about accommodation or check-in, if I can call them. How I'll call them I don't know as no number has been left. I joke to him that I am now the Manager. He laughs his head off. It's the first time I've actually seen him smile. 

It's going to be an interesting afternoon. 

Toodle pip x

Getting to grips again on a baby wave at Elephant point (note our Tuk Tuk driver in the background who was yelling instruction on what wave to catch).

Elephant point.

Elephant point.

Drinks shack at Elephant point.

Arugam Bay (main point in the distance).

Tuk Tuk convoy. 

Okanda (highly recommend).