Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sri Lanka: Cultural do's and don'ts

Don't eat your curry with your left hand. Don't look at anyone in the eye. Never smile when you see the mobile bakery drive past. They'll turn around and come back for you. Donuts and all. 

Always order the opposite of what you actually want. That way you'll than receive it. Don't get worried about the hour long wait. Your on island time.

Expect to have your photo taken (anywhere). A rude finger won't stop the camera clicking so just go along with it. But don't smile.

If you ask to get some washing down at 09.30 am, don't expect it to happen today. But maybe tomorrow.

When a Tuk Tuk driver asks you if you want to go to another break for surfing the next day, even if you just say, maybe, they'll take this as a written contract and be waiting for you the next morning. 

Although I've also said, no, and even then they were waiting the next morning.

Listen to the locals when they warn you that there are crocs living in the river. They just didn't say that there were at least 30.

And when you do eat your curry with your left hand (yep, I'm going to blame it on the face that I am left handed), expect to have an Austrian draw a random picture of you trying to eat your curry.

Toodle pip x

Me eating a curry (not a carrot)

The crazy Austrian with his work of art?

Mobile bakery.

Never order what you actually want.